Want to host a Christmas Show??

Super excited to announce that I'll once again be playing a Back Yard and Lounge Room Christmas Tour this December. Last year's was so much fun I decided I need to do it all over again!!  
(this was the cutest moment from last year's tour when my daughter and nieces joined me for "Away in a Manger")

So we are on the look out for people to host a show in their back yard or lounge room. It will be kind of like a really low-key, indie, cute version of "Carols by Candelight" at your place!! The plan is really simple.  I would come to your home and play festive tunes for you and your friends, perhaps sell a few of my Christmas Albums, and at the end of the gig we would "pass the hat" around to raise money for the wonderful Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) who are awesome and do great work with and for refugees and asylum seekers in the community and detention centres. Last year we raised over $1000 for them and hope to do so again!!

We are hoping to book shows in both Melbourne and regional Victoria. The more shows I play the better, because that's more cash for the ASRC!! If you would like to host a show, all you would need to do is provide a small space (with power) where I can set up a microphone and ukulele and people can sit and listen, and then invite whoever you would like. I am happy to play evenings or daytimes, weekends or weeknights...whatever would best suit you and your mates.
*I am only looking to play house gigs, so even if this sounds like a great fit for your market, church, public event etc...it's not quite what I'm looking for!*

If you are keen to be involved please send an email to mezzcoleman@hotmail.com by November 1st.

Hoping to hear from you,


A Busy September

Thanks to everybody who came out to hear me perform last month. We had heaps of fun playing a set down at the Brunswick Hotel, showcasing a few brand new songs. We usually go with acoustic guitar, but Pete played his electric and it was surprisingly perfect! I think we shall do more of this in the future.

I was also honoured to perform my brand new single I AM ALIVE each night as part of a performance piece called "I'd Turn Back" at the Melbourne Fringe Festival. I wrote and recorded the song specifically for the show, however it was decided at the last minute that a live performance of the song would be better, so it was an absolute joy to join the talented performers on stage each night. Pics to come soon

I have also been busy in the studio working with a script writer and producer on some new songs for a musical called "In Like Flynn." The whole music theatre genre is new to me, but I'm learning heaps and having fun collaborating and recording with other artists!

The rest of the year is starting to look busy so I'll be in touch soon with more news soon! Thanks everyone for your support!

Mezz x

PS You can hear I AM ALIVE by clicking here.


I'm very excited to share this brand new song with you all today. I have written it to be performed in a play called "I'd Turn Back" which is a re-telling of true stories of people who have come to Australia seeking asylum. The song is available to listen to and download for free here.

About the song:

"When I read through Liv Smith's script a line on the first page jumped out at me. "I am alive, with a heartbeat and a brain. " I couldn't shake it out of my head for days. Such a simple little line, but so much meaning in it. The humanity of it. I am alive. I am a person. My heart beats, my brain thinks, just like yours.

For far too long now the stories of asylum seekers and refugees have been politicised in this country, and even those of us with the best of intentions tend to strip the humanity out of our language when we speak of our issues and concerns. Asylum Seekers are people. It's as simple and as confronting as that. People with hearts, brains, skills, families, hopes and dreams.

It's impossible to wrap up all of the stories, trauma, fear and politics of this play into a three minute pop song so I haven't even tried to do that. This is simply a song about humanity. About being alive. With a heartbeat and a brain."

I will be performing this song live during the play's run as at the Melbourne Fringe Festival between Monday 19-Friday 23 September. For more info and to book tickets head to the I'd Turn Back link on the Melbourne Fringe website.

new shows, projects and music!!

Hi there,

September is shaping up to be a bit exciting. Firstly, I will be playing a support set on Sunday September 18th at the Brunswick Hotel. It's an afternoon show...and I LOVE playing afternoon shows! I'm playing at 4pm before a few other bands kick on. It would be lovely to see you there. Kids/under age are welcome at the venue if accompanied by a parent/guardian. Gig details below.
I will also be releasing a brand new song for you all to listen to and download for FREE on September 19th. It's called "I am Alive" and I wrote it to be performed as part of a play called "I'd Turn Back" at the Melbourne Fringe Festival this month.
"I'd Turn Back" is a play written by a young Melbourne based actor and playwright, Liv Smith. I've known Liv for quite a while now, and was really chuffed when she approached me and asked me to write a song for her play. I will be performing the song live every night of their performance runs between Sept 19-23 as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

For full info about the show to book tickets please head to the Melbourne Fringe Festival website.

I know the young performers in the play would love to see you there!!


My Christmas Tour and Album

Just a quick hello to all my beautiful friends and fans to say a HUGE THANKS for the incredible support we received late last year for my Christmas Album. I (along with my brother/producer John Carr) poured so much heart and soul into the record, and it was so exciting to know that people were listening to it all over the world. At one stage in December we actually sold out of CDs and had to do a last minute dash back to the printers (and an all nighter or two in front of the sewing machine hand making each CD cover!!) It was insane and beautiful all at once. So thankyou, thankyou...for purchasing CD's for yourselves and loved ones and for saying such kind things about it!
To everybody who so willingly hosted a show in their home as part of my Christmas "Back Yard" Tour...thankyou!! It was such a humbling experience to be invited in to your homes to play music for you families and loved ones. It was such a new experience for me as a performer, to share my music in such an intimate setting, and I hope you enjoyed hosting the shows as much as I enjoyed playing them! Your hospitality meant the world to me.
And lastly, to everybody who came along to a show or two to hear me play, sing along, buy my record and (most importantly) donate money to the ASRC...thankyou for being such generous and giving audiences. You are the reason I play and make music. I loved playing these shows so much, and can't wait to do it all over agin this Christmas! (We are thinking of making it an annual event!)
I am so proud to announce that after "passing the hat around" at each show we managed to raise $1091.70 for the ASRC. I went and visited them last month to have a bit of a look at the wonderful work they do, and to pass the money over. They are an incredible organisation and if you haven't heard of them before I encourage you to head to their website www.asrc.org.au to learn more about them!
So that's it folks. I have been enjoying a very low key start to the new year, but as always there are whole bunch of new musical adventures and plans in the pipe works, so stay tuned for more musical merriment as the year goes on.

Lots of love, MEZZ xo


I'm very excited to announce that I have been working really hard on a Christmas Album, and it's now available for you to purchase! Featuring 10 tracks (9 carols + an original song) this has been one of my favourite records I have ever worked on. Produced by John Carr and featuring a whole bunch of wonderful musicians (who I am lucky enough to call my nearest and dearest), I think we have captured something pretty special.
I have made every single CD cover by hand, partly because I'm insane, and partly because I want everybody who buys a CD to feel as though they have received a unique little gift from me. One made with a lot of love. I've been up late the last few nights finishing them off!
We will be playing a whole bunch of shows in people's lounge rooms and backyards over the next 5 weeks to launch the album. I can't wait! I'm so honoured that people would open up their home for me to come and perform in. The shows will have a really lovely, intimate and Christmassy vibe. We will be passing the hat around at each gig to raise money for the wonderful Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. You can check them out by clicking here. Hopefully we can raise heaps of cash for them. I'll keep you posted!
To order a copy of my album CLICK HERE and it will take you straight to the link to purchase my album from my bandcamp page. CDs will be posted out to you asap. Please note- at this stage we are going old school and only selling cd's (no downloads.) We'll see how that goes! Thanks so much for your support, and I really hope you enjoy listening to the album. I have so enjoyed making it for you!!
Merry Christmas
Mezz xx

A few things...

Well, hello there!

Thanks for dropping by!

I'll be playing a gig on Sunday September 13th down at the Little Foot Bar in Footscray. I'll be joined on stage once again by Peter Carr (guitar.) We'll be playing two sets of original tunes between 6 and 8pm, and may throw in a sneaky cover or two as well. Entry is free, and we would love to see you there! (Little Foot Bar 223 Barkly St, Footscray.)

Head on over to Tigress Mag to read my most recent interview. We chatted about all sorts of things...making music, motherhood, zine making, feminism, body image and more. And don't forget to head on over to www.mezzcoleman.bandcamp.com to hear my newest EP, "WORDS." You can have a listen, download or order a copy of the CD!!

That's all for now!

Mezz xx

Our EP Launch

Huge thanks to everybody who came down to our EP Launch last weekend. It was such a lovely crowd, and a perfect way to spend a cosy and wintery Melbourne afternoon, packed in tight together at the lovely Some Velvet Morning in Clifton Hill.
Thanks to the fab Dash who played a beautiful set before us. Go and check them out if you haven't already, they play an original blend of melancholy folk which is both heartbreaking and heart lifting. Such a  great combo.
Thanks to the wonderful Pete Carr who played guitar with me on the EP and at the show, he is a great musician in his own right, it is always a joy and a privilege to make music with my super talented little bother. And thanks also to Jason Carter who not only produced our EP but came along to the gig and helped with sound. What a great guy!
Oh and thanks to all the cute kids and babies that let me cuddle them afterwards!!!!
You can now listen, download or order a limited edition CD over at www.mezzcoleman.bandcamp.com
Please head on over and support good, local, indie music!!
Thanks guys
Mezz xoxo


Hi there,

I'm getting so excited about launching my EP "Words" out into the world next week! If you are in Melbourne it would be wonderful to see you at my launch. All the details are below. (Btw, if you have kids and were unsure whether you can bring them or not, it's totally cool if you do!!)

A few days ago I had the pleasure of being interviewed over at the wonderful magazine, Tigress. Click here to have a read about my new record and more.

Mezz x

"Words" EP Launch- July 4th

Super excited to let you know that I will be launching my newest little EP "Words" on July 4th with an afternoon show at the delightful venue, Some Velvet Morning in Clifton Hill, Melbourne. Please come along for a lovely arvo of acoustic music (with special guests DASH) and be one of the first people to get your hands on a copy of my new EP!!
My newest EP "Words" is a collection of songs inspired by the concept of "growing up"; living with the pain of losing one's innocence, yet still holding onto a childlike hope that love is the answer. The tracks have been recorded in a simple and minimal style, to capture the live acoustic sound we have been performing the past few years. Recorded by our mate Jason Carter and featuring myself and some great muso's this little "coming of age" record has been a whole heap of fun to put together for you all to hear.

Mezz xox

Christmas albums, back yards, lounge rooms and YOU!

Super excited to announce that I'll be recording a Christmas record and launching it with a bunch of lounge room/backyard shows later this year throughout November and December. My Christmas album will feature some traditional carols and a few originals, focussing on the plight of refugees and asylum seekers...Christmas and politics mixed!

We are looking for people who would like to host a show in their back yard or lounge room. The plan would be to come and play some tunes for you and your friends, perhaps sell a few cds, and "pass the hat" around at each gig to raise money for the wonderul Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) who are awesome and do the most wonderful work with and for refugees and asylum seekers in the community and detention centres.

I am happy to play anywhere in Melbourne and country Victoria and would consider venturing into NSW too....we are not organising details at this stage, but we'd love to get a sense of whether there is interest, whether YOU (or a community group) would be keen in hosting one of these shows? All you would need to provide is a small space (with power) where I can set up a keyboard and ukulele, and then invite whoever you would like to come listen.

If you are keen to be involved please send an email to mezzcoleman@hotmail.com


Well, hello there!!

...and welcome to my new look website and blog. We have had a lot of fun creating this new space, a site that will hopefully be useful for people interested in finding out more about my music, but also with links to some of my other creative adventures as well. I will also be using this space to blog about any ideas, thoughts and projects I may feel worth sharing from time to time.

Please click on the above links to hear and learn a bit more about me and what I get up to.

Thanks so much for your support, I look forward to watching this online space develop and grow into something lovely.

Thanks for popping by, please do so again soon!!

Mezz xoxo