A creative soul from a young age, Mezz Coleman is a singer, songwriter, zine maker, crafter, thrifter, mama and many other things.

From since she can remember, Mezz has been performing and making music, and to this day continues to do so. However, after the birth of her second child, Mezz gave herself a well earned 12 month break from all things music...and in this "downtime" discovered a love for sewing, crafting and blogging! Who knew!!? Mezz spent 4 years writing the popular craft and music blog Mezz Makes Stuff, discovering a wonderful and vibrant online creative community along the way.

In a moment of inspired madness (or perhaps that was creativity...?) Mezz and her sister in law Tarryn decided to join forces and create a zine based on all the crafty and creative things they had been blogging about. The mini magazine (called Hundreds and Thousands) is a collaborative and independently released magazine all about celebrating handmade, whether it be craft, cooking, music and more. Hundreds and Thousands has become popular all over the world, and is just another expression of the many creative adventures that Mezz finds herself on! When Mezz isn't making music or creating zines, she will most likely be found teaching singing, sharing pics on instagram, hanging out with her kids, riding her bike around her neighbourhood or finding bargains in the opshop!