"Singer/songwriter Mezz Coleman's impressive debut, a fusion of pop, rock, jazz and baroque is highlighted by sparse, thoughtful arrangements ,intelligent lyrics sung in a convincing, laid-back style and melodies that stay in yourhead" -Billy Pinnell, Working Dog Media, Triple R, 3AW

"Once in awhile something special comes feel it from the very first track "Personal" to the very last. This is an album I find very hard not to enjoy. If you haven't got a copy, you are missing out on something." -Michael Kelly, Australian Internet Radio

"Its kinda simple. Mezz has a fresh melodic feel to her songs, and when treated with her soulful vocal – just feels good!" -Ben Brazil, Melbourne Fresh

"Lush and intricately crafted, Mezz Coleman's music is as charming as she is. With her sweet but confident voice, incredible harmonies and toe-tappable rhythms, Mezz creates music to wake up to - music that refreshes, inspires and gives you a kick usually only found in strong coffee!" -Lauren Salatheil, Numurkah Music Festival Director

"It's like you can hear her smile when she sings."- We overheard a lovely listener say this at a show. We liked it.