My Christmas Tour and Album

Just a quick hello to all my beautiful friends and fans to say a HUGE THANKS for the incredible support we received late last year for my Christmas Album. I (along with my brother/producer John Carr) poured so much heart and soul into the record, and it was so exciting to know that people were listening to it all over the world. At one stage in December we actually sold out of CDs and had to do a last minute dash back to the printers (and an all nighter or two in front of the sewing machine hand making each CD cover!!) It was insane and beautiful all at once. So thankyou, thankyou...for purchasing CD's for yourselves and loved ones and for saying such kind things about it!
To everybody who so willingly hosted a show in their home as part of my Christmas "Back Yard" Tour...thankyou!! It was such a humbling experience to be invited in to your homes to play music for you families and loved ones. It was such a new experience for me as a performer, to share my music in such an intimate setting, and I hope you enjoyed hosting the shows as much as I enjoyed playing them! Your hospitality meant the world to me.
And lastly, to everybody who came along to a show or two to hear me play, sing along, buy my record and (most importantly) donate money to the ASRC...thankyou for being such generous and giving audiences. You are the reason I play and make music. I loved playing these shows so much, and can't wait to do it all over agin this Christmas! (We are thinking of making it an annual event!)
I am so proud to announce that after "passing the hat around" at each show we managed to raise $1091.70 for the ASRC. I went and visited them last month to have a bit of a look at the wonderful work they do, and to pass the money over. They are an incredible organisation and if you haven't heard of them before I encourage you to head to their website to learn more about them!
So that's it folks. I have been enjoying a very low key start to the new year, but as always there are whole bunch of new musical adventures and plans in the pipe works, so stay tuned for more musical merriment as the year goes on.

Lots of love, MEZZ xo