I'm very excited to share this brand new song with you all today. I have written it to be performed in a play called "I'd Turn Back" which is a re-telling of true stories of people who have come to Australia seeking asylum. The song is available to listen to and download for free here.

About the song:

"When I read through Liv Smith's script a line on the first page jumped out at me. "I am alive, with a heartbeat and a brain. " I couldn't shake it out of my head for days. Such a simple little line, but so much meaning in it. The humanity of it. I am alive. I am a person. My heart beats, my brain thinks, just like yours.

For far too long now the stories of asylum seekers and refugees have been politicised in this country, and even those of us with the best of intentions tend to strip the humanity out of our language when we speak of our issues and concerns. Asylum Seekers are people. It's as simple and as confronting as that. People with hearts, brains, skills, families, hopes and dreams.

It's impossible to wrap up all of the stories, trauma, fear and politics of this play into a three minute pop song so I haven't even tried to do that. This is simply a song about humanity. About being alive. With a heartbeat and a brain."

I will be performing this song live during the play's run as at the Melbourne Fringe Festival between Monday 19-Friday 23 September. For more info and to book tickets head to the I'd Turn Back link on the Melbourne Fringe website.