A Busy September

Thanks to everybody who came out to hear me perform last month. We had heaps of fun playing a set down at the Brunswick Hotel, showcasing a few brand new songs. We usually go with acoustic guitar, but Pete played his electric and it was surprisingly perfect! I think we shall do more of this in the future.

I was also honoured to perform my brand new single I AM ALIVE each night as part of a performance piece called "I'd Turn Back" at the Melbourne Fringe Festival. I wrote and recorded the song specifically for the show, however it was decided at the last minute that a live performance of the song would be better, so it was an absolute joy to join the talented performers on stage each night. Pics to come soon

I have also been busy in the studio working with a script writer and producer on some new songs for a musical called "In Like Flynn." The whole music theatre genre is new to me, but I'm learning heaps and having fun collaborating and recording with other artists!

The rest of the year is starting to look busy so I'll be in touch soon with more news soon! Thanks everyone for your support!

Mezz x

PS You can hear I AM ALIVE by clicking here.