Want to host a Christmas Show??

Super excited to announce that I'll once again be playing a Back Yard and Lounge Room Christmas Tour this December. Last year's was so much fun I decided I need to do it all over again!!  
(this was the cutest moment from last year's tour when my daughter and nieces joined me for "Away in a Manger")

So we are on the look out for people to host a show in their back yard or lounge room. It will be kind of like a really low-key, indie, cute version of "Carols by Candelight" at your place!! The plan is really simple.  I would come to your home and play festive tunes for you and your friends, perhaps sell a few of my Christmas Albums, and at the end of the gig we would "pass the hat" around to raise money for the wonderful Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) who are awesome and do great work with and for refugees and asylum seekers in the community and detention centres. Last year we raised over $1000 for them and hope to do so again!!

We are hoping to book shows in both Melbourne and regional Victoria. The more shows I play the better, because that's more cash for the ASRC!! If you would like to host a show, all you would need to do is provide a small space (with power) where I can set up a microphone and ukulele and people can sit and listen, and then invite whoever you would like. I am happy to play evenings or daytimes, weekends or weeknights...whatever would best suit you and your mates.
*I am only looking to play house gigs, so even if this sounds like a great fit for your market, church, public event etc...it's not quite what I'm looking for!*

If you are keen to be involved please send an email to mezzcoleman@hotmail.com by November 1st.

Hoping to hear from you,