2016 Christmas Backyard and Lounge Room Tour- THANKYOU!

It is with a full heart of gratitude that I thank everybody for the amazing support my Christmas Backyard and Lounge Room Tour received last month. To those of you who hosted shows, came along and listened, bought copies of my Christmas Album, and most importantly, donated money to the ASRC, thanks for making December such a beautiful month of music and people.
I am delighted to announce that we raised $1439.00 this year for the ASRC. This is quite a bit more than we raised last year, so thankyou to everyone who gave so generously. I am also excited to announce that we once again sold plenty of my Christmas Albums (in fact, there are only 5 left!) and we are already dreaming of making a brand new Christmas album for 2017, among other things.
I certainly hope and plan to play another Christmas Tour this coming December, so stay tuned for how you can be involved! In the meantime, I have lots of exciting shows and projects booked for this year too, can't wait to share with you all soon.

All my love, Mezz xx

PS We made a live recording of one of my live shows. Have a listen here.